Record Book

2021 season






Runner-up: Joe



Runner-up: Matt

🫑 Comeback Manager of the Year


Started the season in last place as the lowest scoring team in week 1, then two weeks later he was the highest scoring team for two weeks in a row with a 6-win streak, ending up tied for the most weekly payouts and the highest weekly score.

🌊 Most points scored in the season


Led the league with 2,520.42 points. Second was Joe with 2,483.94 points. Third was Gabe with 2,378.88 points.

πŸ’¦ Fewest points scored in the season


Came in with 1,962.76 points. Next lowest was Matt with 2,125.90 points.

πŸ’° Most weekly payouts

Ian & Reinier

Both had 3 weeks with the highest score. David & Joe each had 2 weeks.

πŸ’Έ Most weekly penalties


4 weeks with the lowest score. Jeff was next with 3 lowest scores.

🀩 Highest weekly score


Scored 252.96 points (21.08 points per starter) in the week 17 championship game, just barely edging out Reinier's 252.58 points in week 4.

πŸ₯Ί Lowest weekly score


Only scored 93.88 points in week 9. (Less than 8 points per starter.) Jessie was close behind with 95.26 points in week 4.

πŸš€ Highest-scoring player in a game


Jonathan Taylor gave him 56.9 points in week 11. Second was Ja'Marr Chase giving Ian 51.6 points in the championship game. Then Derrick Henry giving Michael 49.2 points in week 2. All three were drafted by their managers.

🏰  Highest-scoring defense in a game

Gabe & Reinier

Each had 30-point performances from their DSTs. Gabe got 30 points from the Patriots, helping him beat RJ by 12.5 points in week 11. Reinier's came from the Bills, though he still lost to Brendan by 4.52 points in week 2.

πŸ”₯ Hottest streak


13 wins in a row between weeks 4 and 10. Next best streak was Ian with 10 wins in a row from weeks 4 through 9.

πŸ₯Ά Coldest streak


11 losses in a row between weeks 2 and 7. Next worst streak was Raymond, who opened the season with 8 losses in a row.

πŸ€ Easiest schedule


Scored the 6th most points but had the easiest schedule. Joe's schedule was nearly as easy, with only 4.6 more points against.

πŸ€• Hardest schedule


Scored the 7th most points, but had the hardest schedule by far, with 81.2 more points against than Jesse's 2nd hardest schedule, finishing the season in 12th place.

🀼 Most matchup wins

Joe & Ian

Tied with 11 matchup wins each. David & Gabe were next with 9 matchup wins each.

πŸ’€ Fewest matchup wins


Only 3 matchup wins. Jesse & Raymond tied with 4 matchup wins, each.

😌 Largest matchup margin of victory


Dominated Jessie by 89.84 points (185.10 to 95.26) in Week 4.

πŸ˜… Smallest matchup margin of victory


Edged out RJ by 0.78 point in week 12, despite having no quarterbacks.

🏟 Most median wins


11 median wins. Tied for second with 9 median wins each were Gabe & Ian.

☠️  Fewest median wins


Only 2 median wins. Second fewest was Matt with 4 median wins.

😌 Largest median margin of victory


Comfortably got a median win as the 7th highest-scoring team in week 8, with a 13-point gap from Mary.

πŸ˜… Smallest median margin of victory


Edged out Jesse for a median win by 0.1 point. Next closest median win was week 14 when Jessie edged out Matt by 0.26 point.Β 

😰 Most matchup sweats


Had 7 matchups decided by single-digit points, winning only 1 of them. Reinier had 6 sweats, while Jessie, Matt & RJ each had 5.

😰 Most median sweats

Jeff & Jesse

Both had 5 median wins decided by single-digit points. Jesse won 4 of his; Jeff won 3.

πŸ“ˆ Best FAAB move


Spent only 11% FAAB to acquire Cordarrelle Patterson before week 2, which gave him 138.5 points until he traded to RJ before week 10. Runner up is Raymond, who spent 78% FAAB to get Elijah Mitchell after week 1, giving him 128.6 points for the rest of the season.

πŸ“‰ Worst FAAB move


Spent 60.5% FAAB to acquire Taysom Hill, only to find out that Trevor Siemian was that week's starter. This led Ian to send Taysom Hill, TJ Hockenson, Tua Tagovailoa, and Laviska Shenault to Jeff for Kyler Murray and Christian Kirk.

🎯 Best trade 


Gave up Devin Singletary, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Zack Moss to Jesse for Chris Godwin, Tyler Conklin, and Darrel Williams.

πŸ—‘ Worst tradeΒ 


Gave up CeeDee Lamb to David for Andy Dalton, Chris Conley, and 7.5% FAAB.

🀝 Dealmaker


Most trades completed with 18. Ian was second with 17 trades. Then RJ with 13.

πŸ™… Dealbreaker

Jessie & Raymond

Both completed zero trades.

🎱 Best drafter


Highest seasonal average from drafted players.

πŸ€“ Best waiver manager


Highest seasonal average from post-draft acquisitions.

🀠 Most active


Led the league with 219 transactions. Second most transactions was Jesse with 110.

😴 Least active


His only transaction was 1 trade, but Jessie was right there with only 2 waivers.

😬 Never the worst

Brendan, Gabe, Joe, Jesse, Mary, Michael & Raymond

Never had the lowest weekly score.

πŸ₯΄ Never the best

Brendan, Jesse, Jessie, Mary, Matt & Raymond

Never had the highest weekly score.Β